Le 16/01/2012



The company Givaudan-Lavirotte is located in Lyon and has 65 employees. Its activities very closed to Bernardy’s activities, the other affiliate of Isaltis, allow the group to enlarge its product range of high purity salts for Life Science markets. This acquisition confirms the strategy of Isaltis to become a major player on this segment. This was by the way clearly stated when Isaltis was formed. 

“We have very happy to have materialized this acquisition project. Givaudan-Lavirotte is offering products that are complementary to Bernardy’s range. The two well known brands will be maintained but a global sales and marketing organization will be implemented at group level to manage the overall mineral salts business”, Jean-Michel Alarcon, Isaltis president says. 

With consolidated revenues of about € 25 millions and a wide product palette, Isaltis has become quite rapidly one of the worldwide leading producers of high purity mineral salts.